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Zyflamend reviews and side effects

Zyflamend reviews:

"Have used Zyflamend with very good results. Think that Zyflamend reducing inflammation is the key. Reduces aches to almost nil.Still have stiffness and soreness in lower hips but this product difinitely helps me live with it. Gave some to friend and she swears by it too.My body feels much better this then when not using Zyflamend. Have stopped, to see if it really was this product and started again soon after with same results."

"I have been taking these for about three weeks and feel better than ever! I am over 40 and regularly mountain bike for exercise. I do not have anymore aches or pains that would normally come with this type of activity. I highly recommend this for all."Buy Zyflamend online in Amazon cheaper and safe!

Zyflamend side effects:

"I have been using Zyflammend for about two years. It was recommended by my Doctor.  When I am away from home I tend to skip the evening dose (It should be taken in the middle of a meal) Recently I was away for several days and did not take Zyflammend with me. I did feel the difference."1

"I used prescription NSAIDS for more than 10 years to combat the inflammation and pain of severe spinal arthritis. Then, one by one, the drugs I used were taken off the market, or issued warnings about their safety. I switched to Zyflamend. It took a couple of months for the Zyflamend to be fully effective, but it was quickly more effective against pain than Vioxx, Celebrex, or Bextra ever were. It does not irritate my stomach and the irritation caused by the prescription drugs has completely resolved.

I had another pleasant surprise when I found that by buying Zyflamend online I was saving a lot of money. Amazon’s price of $12.29 for a 1 month supply makes this an easily affordable solution. I do worry a little about safety, inasmuch as there haven’t been studies. But neither have there been reports of adverse effects from this product. Given the FDA’s current credibility re drug safety, I prefer to take my chances with this natural product."

What is Zyflamend?

Zyflamend is marketed as an herbal alternative to over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs that are meant to deal with chronic pain from conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. The herbal blend in each soft gel consists of rosemary, turmeric, ginger, Baikal skullcap, oregano, holy basil, green tea, Hu Zhang, Chinese goldthread, and barberry. The herbs were picked due to studies which indicate they can reduce pro-inflammatory hormones and even certain cancer causing agents. Oddly Zyflamend doesn’t include glucosamine, which is the supplement that is most often touted as helping joint stiffness or pain. Potential buyers may find it more helpful to also take a glucosamine supplement with Zyflamend.

It is important to note that even though Zyflamend sounds like a prescription drug name, it is only an herbal supplement that has not been tested or endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration. Since it doesn’t need to go through any sort of rigorous test procedure, the manufacturer of the supplement can make any claim they’d like about how beneficial it will be without oversight. While it’s unlikely that anyone would experience any negative side effects from taking the supplement, any potential buyer should still speak with their physician beforehand, especially if they are taking any sort of prescription medication.

That being said, Zyflamend does have many glowing reviews from both physicians and patients alike on numerous legitimate health and alternative medicine websites. Some of those same reviews have mentioned increased instances of gas, constipation, and diarrhea however, so anyone with sensitive bowels might want to consider an alternative or take a smaller dosage to begin with.

The bottle contains a warning that the herbs in each soft gel are pungent and spicy, and they aren’t kidding. Taking a good whiff of the bottle might result in a fit of sneezing and coughing. The recommended dose is two capsules per day, which should be taken with a full meal to offset the "warm feeling" that is somewhat akin to heart burn. Taking a soft gel without any food does give a slightly unpleasant burning sensation, but it isn’t anything that would even warrant taking a heart burn tablet.

The pamphlet that comes with the bottle also recommends that anyone taking the supplement should stop eating foods that have "pro-inflammatory Omega 6 fatty acids," which essentially means any red meat. That’s good health advice all around, but it’s especially important here as eating foods that increase inflammatory agents will prevent the supplement from working as it’s supposed to.

Since a Zyflamend bottle includes a full month’s supply at a reasonable price, it’s definitely worth a try for anyone wanting to reduce joint pain or just try out these specific herbs to see how it affects them.

Zyflamend features:

  • The #1-selling herbal formula in the U.S. (according to 2009 SPINS data) for healthy inflammation response*
  • Ten time-honored herbs promote a healthy inflammation response*
  • Promotes normal joint, bone, and cardiovascular function*
  • Clinically tested and doctor recommended
  • No chemical solvents, hexane free, and prion free

Buy Zyflamend online in Amazon cheaper and safe!

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  1. Evan G. Burroughs says:

    I think Zyflamend is amazing. For me, Zyflamend is as powerful as Celebrex or similar. Joint pain and stiffness decreases w/in 45 minutes. Only ‘side-effect’ being an occasional pungent belch redolent of Zyflamend’s super-concentrated herbs. Please remember I am no doctor o’ medicine and that the FDA hasn’t approved these statements, etc.

  2. Jim says:

    Thanks share, Zyflamend is good for me too.

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