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Easy Tips to Make Your Breasts Look Like Big Boobs

Clearly, having big breasts is very desirable. Some Internet statistics (the most reliable statistics in the world, around 2 million women in the USA alone have had breast implants since the procedure was introduced in 1962. ) But surgery is costly and involves, well, surgery.Easy Tips to Make Your Breasts Look Like Big Boobs Anything requiring more than a band aid is about enough to make me faint, so I’ve compiled this list of tips and hints for looking big breasted without the surgery. Some are tongue in cheek, others are totally legitimate and effective methods that have been fooling and subsequently disappointing drunken bar hounds for centuries.

Padded Bras 

Padded push up bras really do work. Buy specialist push up padded bras from your favorite lingerie retailer, or simply stuff the bra you have with socs, tissues, table cloths, whatever comes to hand.


Corsets are the time honored method of making one’s boobs appear big. Think of them as extreme sashes. I don’t need to explain how corsets work, do I? They squeeze your tummy in, pop your breasts out and make you look fit for the 15th century.  Easy Tips to Make Your Breasts Look Like Big Boobs


A sash tied around your waist both emphasizes the smallness of your waist and the relative largeness of your boobs. The sash should be large enough to make it look fashionable, too small a sash and you run the risk of looking like a string of sausages, especially if you happen to be on the larger side.

Deep V Necks

Ever wondered why celebrities wear those dresses cut down to their navels? Why, because it makes their breasts look larger of course. This optical illusion is caused by the fact that swathes of cleavage are visible. It may not suit those who relate having standards, principals or morals to the way they dress, but hey, it’s all random scraps of cloth at the end of the day, right?

Low Hanging Pendant

Low hanging pendants, crosses, or other ornamentation dangling from a necklace are perfect for drawing the eyes of onlookers towards your cleavage, thus making it apEasy Tips to Make Your Breasts Look Like Big Boobspear larger. You don’t get to complain that men are staring at your boobs if you use this (or any of the other techniques included herein however,) that wouldn’t be sporting. 

Get Fat

That’s right, putting on weight is a sure fire way to increase your breast tissue. Unless you have a body type where all excess weight goes directly to your ass and thighs, in which case, I don’t recommend this technique.

Well, you can try this methods above, I believe if you do and your breasts wil look like big boobs soon.

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